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Gross Assets of Entire Estate
Minimum Probate Cost WITHOUT Proper Estate Planning
Probate Cost WITH Proper Estate Planning

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In our society, we rarely talk about death even though it is a natural and unavoidable part of life. It is worth spending a few moments being uncomfortable to give your family lasting clarity about your wishes and estate plan that will ensure that such wishes come to fruition. A proper estate plan will give the things that you spent your whole lifetime earning to your loved once and can make your transition from this world as painless as possible for your family. Without valid legal documents, the state of California will decide who gets what, and how. The two primary documents that we are concerned with are wills and trusts, and there is a significant difference between the two. A Last Will and Testament still goes through probate while a Living Trust avoids the process.

While these are the maximum fees authorized by the CA Probate Code, special fees may apply a contested and unprobated estate, in which case, half of those fees will go to an attorney, and the other half will go to the court appointed Executor or Administer. The above figures reflect the minimum probate fees according to California law as they relate to an individual's gross asset value. These fees may become significantly higher as they do not include fees that may occur from the sale of assets, tax preparation, and litigation.

Every family is a blessing, and we would appreciate the opportunity to see how ours can best serve yours. Do this today, and your loved ones will be grateful in the years to come. Our's firm's mission is to provide peace of mind by ensuring that assets will be quickly and easily distributed among family and friends accordingly to our clients' wishes, not according to the state of California's. contact us today for a free consultation.



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